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The Druid Way
May 24, 2024, 05:19:55 pm
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Rules & Regulations

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Author Topic: Rules & Regulations  (Read 431 times)
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Where did he go George?

« on: July 19, 2007, 09:09:39 pm »

While I am an open minded individual and believe in to each their own, I also believe there is no need to condem others for their beliefs. Whether you are Pagan, Wiccan, Druid, Athiest, Non-Denominational, Any that I might have missed (l may be a Druid but I am Human too), or Christian; we are all unique and are entitled to our beliefs, whatever they may be.

This site I, with the help of a fellow Pagan, brainstormed late one night and have been putting into a reality. My intention is for it to be a Druid, Witch, Wiccan, Pagan, Non-Denominational, Any that I might have missed (lol-sorry I cannot list them all people  Smiley ) and Christian friendly site.

This is a fun loving and free site to express yourself with peace, love, harmony, and goodness. An' it harm none, do what thou will. I hope that all in the Magickal Community and Pagan's (if you are not of the magickal kind) can find a little bit of home and non-judgmental attitude here from all of us, even those Christians that might stumble upon us and decide to join. I do have a few friends that are quite open minded Christians, so my fellow Friends and Pagans--please keep that in mind whenever you run across a Christian and they have not been rude.  Smiley Their are some that are quite lovely and I am quite honored to call Friend.  Smiley

If you have questions please ask away. Smiley

I am a to the point person,  Smiley I am not one to pull any punches and I never have been. So with that being said here it is:
  • 1. Feel free to chat in the forums as long as you stay on topic.  Smiley There is Molly's Kitchen, that is an Open Chat board basically so just about anything goes there. Smiley

  • 2. If you have a thread that you would like to KEEP totally serious-Please note it. Other members are requested to respect that individual's request out of common courtesy if that is their choice.

  • 3. You may upload pictures of yourself but no nudes will be allowed under any circumstances!

  • 4. No posting pictures of another member whatsoever; if there comes a time for that to be done, ask the member and they can do it if they so choose. If this is done to humiliate or degrade them your uploading privilege will be taken away for a period of time deemed adequate by Administration. This is non-negotiable on my part.

  • 5. If you take issue with any Guidelines for some reason, please email me or one of the Moderators, I ask that you do not take it up on open forum. That will not be tolerated and the posts and/or threads will be deleted.

  • 6. If you have a disagreement with another Member please email them. Do not argue with them in open forum. That is not the place for it. A good debate is one thing; but arguing is entirely a different matter altogether.

  • 7. No Flaming -- name calling, insulting or demeaning other members….! If you see it in the forums you are asked to hit the Report to Moderator link and report it. If an argument is spotted, the post will be deleted.

  • 8. Warnings added to your post by Admin or a Mod are not to be removed under any circumstances. Editing of a post that has been edited by Admin or Moderators may get your posting privaledges revoked but you will still be able to view the boards. So I ask you, please don't do that. Wink

  • 9. No threats on Members, Mods, or Admin, either in the forums or in email on this site--you will be permanently for that--I will not like to have to do it, but that is entirely uncalled for. We are all adults, we should be able to act like it Wink An' it harm none, do what thou will.

  • 10. If there are complaints of harassing messages, your message privaledges will be revoked for a period of time deemed adequate by Administration.

  • 11. No real names of other members are allowed to be used in the forums.

  • 12. Repeated malicious attacks against members, administrators or mods will result in your account REMOVAL  and a permanent on your IP. So I ask again: please do not do this. Wink

  • 13. While I realize that in some religions/denominations preaching and converting others is something that you are taught and practice. I ask that nobody do that here. If you want to discuss things that is fine, but live and let live and each to their own; plain and simple. Smiley

Note: If you see any violations please feel free to hit the Report to Moderator link, either in the emails or in the posts, or email the Admin or Mods.

These Guidelines will be enforced to protect all the members so it can be enjoyable and fun for ALL!

If you have have any questions or comments please feel free to post them in the Suggestions Board or you can E-Mail/PM any of the staff here.
So come and play, post, have fun and lets learn and share! Merry Meet!

*This will be updated from time to time so please check back now and again* Wink


Molly Angel
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