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May 24, 2024, 04:53:13 pm
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Posting in the Forums FAQ!

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Author Topic: Posting in the Forums FAQ!  (Read 4406 times)
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Where did he go George?

« on: July 20, 2007, 05:16:02 am »

To All Members:

This guide is set up to help those who wish to post new threads determine the proper forum to place them in. I realize that sometimes it’s difficult to decide and things may get posted in the wrong place. There is a search so do remember to utilize it as there might already be a topic about what you are wishing to start a thread on. If so, you are welcome to just add to that one. If you do by chance post your thread in the wrong place, a Mod will eventually move it to the proper location sending you an email notifying you of where it got moved to. If you realize you posted in an improper forum, please notify the Mod listed under that particular forum asap and they’ll gladly help you. Never panic, this is a fun site and although we need to keep things organized for all the members to get the most enjoyment out of the site, we intend to keep it a relaxed atmosphere for everyone.

If you have any questions or need any help, please get in contact with the Admin or any of the Mods who will be more than happy to assist you.

Thank You  Smiley

Site Owner ~ Molly
Site Admin ~ Moonraker
Site Moderator ~ Plinka
Forum Moderator ~ Bland


Site Rules
This one is by far one of the most important Forums. It contains the thread with the Do's and Don'ts to do with this forum and all the gizmo's and gadgets in it. Please familiarize yourself with these and check back from time to time for update on it if changes are needed. It also contains the thread with the instructions on navigating the site, information on posting guidelines and contact information on Administration and Moderators for the site and forums. Check here often as anything that is changing or different will be posted here so you will know. Thanks! Smiley

Technical Support and Site Navigation
This one is a good Forum to keep up with.  It contains threads with Updates and general technical support. If you have questions, comments or are having problems with features on the site this is the Forum for them to be placed in. Please keep them of a serious nature and on topic so we can get on it. If it is something that you'd like to keep private then please feel free to email one of us.

Suggestions and Questions
Any Suggestions or Questions you may have, post here.

Anything that you'd like to suggest about the site or questions please post here. We welcome your input to make this a user friendly and pleasant place to be, so please feel free. Smiley

This one is a good Forum to keep up with. It contains threads with Updates and has the Portal located in it.

This one contains threads that show up on that Home Link or what is called the Portal Page.

Molly's Kitchen...Open 24 Hrs
This is an open chat board. Just about anything goes. It has The Won Fuk Bed & Breakfast, so pull up a chair and have some fun. Wink

This contains a chatbox, called a Shoutbox, that you are welcome to chat with the other members in it.

Weather At The Ranch
This has what the weather is like here at Molly's. You can also get this for yourself. Smiley

Amber Alerts
This is about missing children.

It has information on Current Amber Alerts and Project Safe Kids.

Anything pertaining to Druidry, although I do have the Sabbats in a separate section, along with Spellworking.

Anything Wiccan or pertaining to the Craft.

Pagan, Neo-, New Age
This contains Pagan, Neopaganism, or New Age information that is not directly Druid, Wiccan or Craft related.

Others That I Might Have Missed
As there are Many, Many, Many beliefs systems out there today, I could not name them all, let alone probably think of them all. So here is the place you will find them and can post about them.

Non-Denominational and Non-Pagan
This would be mainly those that have no particular religious order that they follow and of the non-magickal or non-pagan affliliation; what came to mind with this was Athiests and Christians when putting this one here.

Anything and everything to do about Alchemy!

This is for anything pertaining to Divination. The type of cards you use, spreads, etc. Any questions you might have or topics you want to discuss.

Rites & Rituals
This is for anything pertaining to Rites and Rituals. Any questions you might have or topics you want to discuss this would be the place to put it.

This is for anything pertaining to Familiars.

This is for anything pertaining to spells. It contains the childboards Book of Shadows, Deities, Potions & Herbs, Spells, and Moon Magick.

Book of Shadows
Also known as a Grimiore, this is where anything pertaining to it would be posted.

This is for anything pertaining to Deities. Those that you worship or have information on. Have any questions about one or some? This is the place.

This is for Spells and any questions or discussions you may have directly to the spell itself. If it is more directly related to a Potion or Herbs then it would not go here, the same would go for Rites and Rituals.

Potions & Herbs
This is for anything pertaining to Potions and Herbs.

Need help with a potion or want to share your latest? Have questions on some herbs? This is the place for it.

Moon Magick      
All Things pertaining to it and the Moon...this is a big one I know! Wink

Happy Birthday To You...
Have a birthday? Know someone's is upcoming? This is where you will find the happy birthday threads or where you are free to post one to another member.

This has the ChildBoards with separate listings for each Sabbat.

Have anything you want to post about Imbolc or Oimealg post here? Traditions you have that you'd like to share or questions, this is the place to post it.

Spring Equinox/Ostara
Have anything you want to post about Spring Equinox also known as Ostara? Traditions you have that you'd like to share or questions, this is the place to post it.

Have anything you want to post about Beltane? Traditions you have that you'd like to share or questions, this is the place to post it.

Summer Solstice/Litha/Midsummer
Have anything you want to post about Summer Solstice also known as Litha or Midsummer? Traditions you have that you'd like to share or questions, this is the place to post it.

Have anything you want to post about Lughnassadh also known as Lugh? Traditions you have that you'd like to share or questions, this is the place to post it.

Autumn Equinox/Mabon
Have anything you want to post about Autumn Equinox also known as Mabon? Traditions you have that you'd like to share or questions, this is the place to post it.

Have anything you want to post about Samhuinn also known as Samhain or Halloween? Traditions you have that you'd like to share or questions, this is the place to post it.

Winter Solstice/Yule
Have anything you want to post about Winter Solstice also known as Yule? Traditions you have that you'd like to share or questions, this is the place to post it.

Event & Calendar
Here is where events that take place will be posted.

The Calendar also had birthdays listed Wink But use the birthday board to post well wishes. Smiley

A place to introduce yourself and tell us a bit about you.

Create your own thread or "lil space" and have fun with it! You may also create threads for your friends who have joined the site and have not created one as of yet. Please keep it to one introduction thread per person. You can post to and from other members in these threads, also if you’d like.

Fun Stuff
There are a few Boards set up in the Fun Stuff Forum. Word Games, The Game Room, and Humor.

Word Games
This is the place for silly word games and off the wall fun!

Threads posted in word games should be those requiring a simple response. Most times they can be answered in one or more short words. Usually, they are a direct comment to or about the member above or below you. If the response to the thread requires a well thought out answer of more than a sentence, it more than likely should not be posted here. Kindly see if it would be better posted in one of the other forums where discussion threads are posted.

The Game Room
Bored? you can amuse your self by playing arcade and other games in our game room.

Post games you’d like to share or play with others as well including copy/paste brain teasers. However, please be sure if it’s a “Word Game” to post it under that forum. (See def. of Word Games above!)

If your joke fits under one of the headings please try to post/file it there. (i.e. Blonde Jokes, Married Couples…etc) It will move that thread to the top for all members to see that a new joke has been posted. If you don’t see a heading, remember there is a search, be creative to try and find it. If not we will do our best to keep it organized. Thanks.

Off Topic
Can't find a place for your topic? Place it here.

Post a thread in “Off Topic” that is not related to any of the other forums listed. These threads should be opinions, advice, or those prompting discussion of any given topic. Please be sure your thread isn’t a “Word Game” when posting it here. (see above for guidelines for Word Games)

Pets & Animal Things
Have something you want to post about your pet or about animals in general? This is the place for it to go.

The Written Word
This contains Poetry & Quotes and Creative Writing & Stories.

Poetry & Quotes
Have poetry or quotes you want to share?

This forum is strictly for poems and quotes. You may start your own thread if you’d like as a personal poetry thread for others to read your poetry and comment on, or you may start poems for others to join in on.

Creative Writing & Stories
Talented at writing and want to share? We welcome the fun! Smiley

All stories and/or creative writing threads get posted here. They may be complete stories of your own that you’d like to share, or stories you’d like others to help you complete whether in a serious or humorous format.

Technology and Those Things That Hum
Anything technology related from computers, internet or those things we pollute the air with (yes our vehicles lol) This includes the boards Computers and Internet and Mechanical Items.

Computers and Internet
All things related to computers and the internet.

Mechanical Items
All things related to mechanical items. This includes motors from vehicles, farm equipment...ya know? Use your imagination Wink If it is mechanical then it fits.

Recipes & Cooking
Inquiries about cooking or recipes? This is the place!

Here is where threads pertaining to recipes or cooking would be posted.

Relationships & Sex
Here you can post about any of those topics!

This forum has separate boards for Hand Fasting/Marriage, Dating, & Romance and Sex.

Hand Fasting/Marriage, Dating, & Romance
Want to discuss any of these topics? Here is the place for it.

Sexual in Nature
If your question will result in a sexual answer, then post it here.

The thread doesn’t have to be about yourself personally, it may be any broad question you’d like feedback or discussion on. The key word here is discussion, because if the thread only calls for a short answer or an answer directly involving the member above or below you, then it may belong in "Word Games".

News & Current Events
Have an opinion on current events going on the world today?... this is where you let people know why you should be in a position of power and change!

"Current Event" threads should be just that…CURRENT! Please post any articles of interest from daily newspapers or recent magazine articles with supporting facts. Think “News Flash!!” to help you decide if it should get posted here. Any opinion threads on various events should be posted under the proper forum for that type of discussion UNLESS they are posted in response to a Current Event thread that has been already been started as an opening post. Please Remember that we remain inquisitive about many things in life that may have at one time been a current event, but unless it’s from a recent article displaying facts to support it, it does not get posted here. "Current Event" means…and an event happening at the present time. Please also post a reference link for us to read from if you can.

Want to listen to some music? This is the Digitally Imported Radio that you can listen to while you post or just have the window open. Enjoy!

This has YouTube videos that you can watch. You can add your own and it is set up by artist alphabetically by their last name in three separate boards.

Movies, TV's, & Video Games
Movies and TV you watch and Video Games you play. All that goes here.

These threads pertain to all questions and discussions about movies you watch and TV shows and video games. Care to give us your review on a recent film? This is where to share it. If however, the thread is not a discussion thread…but rather a quick response, it may be considered a thread for "Word Games". (Example: Each new poster name a movie for the next letter of the alphabet)

Music Stuff
What are you listenting to right now? What are your favorite Lyrics? Post them here.

Books or References
This is where you post what books you reference, read, or have learned from in your path to where you are at. Any that you would recommend to us? What book are you currently reading? Share here. Smiley

These are other sites that I would recommend Smiley
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What was I thinking...

« Reply #1 on: March 24, 2008, 02:30:04 am »

Molly is rearranging the boards...so while what goes where still applies to the topics they may not be in the exact order as listed here. When she gets done this will be updated accordingly.

Thank you for your patience and cooperation at this time.

~Mixed Bag of Nuts Staff
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